Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The beach. The sunset. The ring. The question.

When I received the phone call from Zach to capture him proposing to his girl friend, I was elated to be part of this special moment in their lives.
Zach and I planned and plotted for a couple days about how and when
he was going to propose
the beautiful Jessica.

The beach. The sunset. The ring. The question.

As I hung around Balboa Beach pier I had to capture the beautiful day!

The plan was for them to eat dinner at Ruby's Diner and then they'd walk onto the beach into the sunset and propose by the pier.

I was hiding on the pier. She had no idea I was there.

It took a little convincing to get her to go onto the beach.
She didn't want to get her feet dirty ; )

" Facebook pic"

Everything went just as planned. It was so special. As I was behind the camera, my heart was pounding and I was getting nervous for him and excited for her at the same time .

Congratulations Jessica and Zach!

May the Lord bless all your plans for your wedding.
Can not wait for the BIG DAY!


  1. With tears of happiness in our eyes, we wish you both the best forever and always. These photos are beautiful and have captured one of your lives special moments for eternity. God bless you always.
    Gram and Popa