Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lions,Tigers and Bears + New Beginnings

A couple really good friends of mine, Tasha & Melissa, have started a
new adventure in their lives.
They have started a Party planning business called Novelty Event Planners.

Tasha & Melissa have a passion and a talent for a well planned, uniquely designed event. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and creativity. They work with YOUR budget to create the event or party you have been dreaming of!

I had the opportunity to capture Tasha's son's 1st Birthday party.
All of the kids seemed to have a blast.
All of the details of the day were absolutely adorable and VERY creative.
Everyone had a blast!!!

Meet Tasha & Melissa

The Birthday Boy!

Family & Friends

Craft Time!

Specialty cakes by Jennifer Luna

Animal Tracks on the Ground

Monkeys swinging from the vine!

Pin the Tail on the Lion

PiƱata time!

Yeah.. time for Cake!!!

Present Time!!


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